Wood Giants

Drevuliaci – drevení obri z Račkovej doliny

Would you like to enrich your tour with something interesting? Rackova Dolina is beautified with large wooden statues, with some reaching 4 meters. The author of these statues is Michal Hanula from the city of Ruzomberok. Drevuliaci are a joint community project without any grants nor subsidies, which the following partners took part in: Pension Sileo, Hotel Akademik, Community Foundation Liptov, School of Functional Art Ruzomberok, the village of Pribylina as well as Jamnik. The project was also helped by Esox-plast Uhorska Ves alongside with RETTENMEIER Tatra Timber Liptovsky Hradok.

Anjel Zvedavý Janík Bača Račko Lenivý hubár Fero Pionierka Vierka Yemník Vodník Mokrofúzik

Anjel (Angel)

Located approximately 1,5 km from Racko’s statue, an angel will be waiting for you near Pension Sileo. The angel paid a close attention to the hardworking Tatra people. Legends have it that this angel once flew above Krivan, but accidentally hit it with one of his wings. Ever since, the slopes of Krivan had never been the same. He flew down to Rackova Dolina and stayed here ever since, safeguarding the peace not only at Sileo, but in the entirety of Rackova Dolina. Thanks to his presence, everyone who spends at least one night in the valley will have his soul healed. And that’s not all there is to it. We also have a miraculous angelic place, where herbs that bring you harmony grow

Old man Racko with his great grandson

The sculpture of generations at the entrance to the valley. Old man Racko and his curious great grandson Placko. Old man Racko was a shepherd for a very long time, residing in the hut underneath Klin. It was the highest built chalet in Slovakia and far away. These days, you will not find any sheep here, as the hut itself serves as a shelter. However, inside the actual hut, you will find photos of how it served shepherds in the past. The valley itself will forever remain in the old man’s heart, and that is why he greets every wayfarer. Legend has it, that every sheep passing through that looks at the old man, will produce double the milk!

Mushroom picker Fero

If you’ll keep searching, you will stumble upon a relaxed Lazy Mushroom picker Fero. Rackova Dolina is so fertile, that even the laziest mushroom picker won’t come home with an empty basket! Scientists found out, that mushrooms can communicate with trees. This fact is confirmed even by one legend which claims, that every child that spends a night in a basket, will begin to understand the language of the trees.


On your entry to the Uzka Dolina, you won’t miss the clever, sharp, bullheaded as the bull, sometimes ragged and tearful Yemnik who lives in the valley. It is of utmost importance to pay attention to him before starting any tour into the valley. There were many of those whom he helped, either bringing them back on the right path, or keeping an avalanche right above their heads. All you have to do is to give him a look alongside with a resolute ”Horam zdar!“ (meaning “Hail to the mountains!”).

Pioneer Vierka

Pioneer Vierka stands before Hotel Akademik. At first, she was just a little sparklet, but as she grew up, she became a pioneer. She enjoyed Rackova Dolina so much she didn’t want to leave. One night, she dreamt of a magic stone, a stone that promised her eternal youth. Vierka found it and that is the reason why she is just as young, as she was 50 years ago. We’ll give you a hint, try to follow the green mark to Baranec.

Vodník Mokrofúzik

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